Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Marathi Steno typist Final Exam result 2012

Marathi Steno typist Final Exam result 2012 Announced yesterday MPSC board declared Final Steno typist exam result of 2012 Steno typist Special Drive final .Some days ago MPSC Board took Steno typist in marathi exams near about 23000 studnet applyed for this exam but some students ares qualified for that posts. 
Total 15 Student salected in Final Exam result 2012.
Below we have to mention candidate Name,Interviews Time,Roll Number Etc.

Maharashtra Forest Services Main Examination Result and Information

Now Maharashtra GOVT and board allowed Stationary  for Forest Services related exams in you can use your Stationary equipment.
Allowed Stationary : 
Mathematics For : Non programmable calculator
Rasayan shastra : Graph Paper and Log Table
Vanaspati shastra : Simple Calculator,Outline Map of India and Map of India.
Bhautik shastra : Log Table.
Chemical  Engineer: Steam Table,Graph Paper and Non programmable Calculator.
Sankhay shastra :  Statistical Tables-Normal, F-distribution etc, Control Limit Factor Table for X,S and R Charts,Simple Electronic Calculator,
Statistical Table and Log Table..
Yantra Abhiyantriki : Electronic Calculator, Non programmable Calculator,Standard Graph Paper and Log Table.
Agriculture Engineer : Scientific Calculator.
Sthapatya Abhiyantriki : Log Table and Non programmable Calculator.
Note : Above some Stationary  will be provider Board other Stationary you should bring.
  • Log Table 
  • Control Limit Factor Table for X,S and R Charts 
  • Outline Map of India
  • Map of India 
  • Graph Paper
This Stationary student have to bring.

State Services Main Examination 2012

 Notification FOR  State Services Main Examination 2012 Maharashtra Publice Services Comission today mentioned on official sites Notification for  State Services Main Examination. apply for more post ares available.
Below posts for You Can Online Apply : 

You can get more information from mpsconline.gov.in Before you apply the exams Apply in SBI - Open cast for 410 Rs and Other Casts like ,ST,NT,OC for 210 Application fess.When you get challen that time Update your challen number and Id on www.mpsconline.gov.in sites.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

2011 Marathi Typist Clerk exam Final Exam Result

We are publishing Final Marathi Typist Clerk exam 2011 Final Exam Result in this site just enter your roll number / find in Pdf format and get your Marasthi Typist Clerk exam 2011 Final Exam Result .GOVT Marathi Typist 2011 and 2012 final result declared after long wait govt declare Marathi Typist exam result total 1656 student passed in this exam 1 to 1656 .Open ,Obc,st,nt and other student add in 1656.
This is First and 2nd sheet for more result visit on official website mpsc.gov.in